Here in the UK, we are still in lockdown. Though it is easing, I am still very much trying to stay away from crowds of people and busy areas. This means that, at the moment, I will only be posting twice a week. Apologies if this is an inconvenience but I live near a busy post office so I'd like to keep my time there at a minimum.


How often do you update your store?

I am hoping to be able to update once a week. At the moment I am still building up my product base so it may be a little longer between updates/launches. Please follow @shopluminoire on Instagram or Twitter for more frequent announcements!

How do you find the bones you work with?

The bones used in my products are all either ones I have found myself while out on walks in nature, or from reputable sources. I do make sure to research the suppliers I use, in order to make sure every product is cruelty free. I do not strike up any custom with suppliers who get their bones through hunting, pest control, etc.

If something breaks, will you repair it?

For anything that arrives broken, I am happy to fix and/or replace the item if possible. For something that has broken from wear, I would be happy to take a look and see if I think it is able to be fixed. Within the first 3 months of ordering, I will offer this for free (you just need to cover the cost of postage to me).

Do you accept returns?

For the most part, I do accept returns if it is within 7 days of arrival. There are some exceptions (such as earrings) for hygiene reasons, so please feel free to drop me an email with any queries.