Luminoire is a treasure cove, providing bohemian, noir and alternative treasures alike. 

The idea behind Luminoire is to build a community; pulling inspiration from nature, spirituality and mental health to create jewellery, art, clothing, homeware (and more) that can be enjoyed by everyone. I'd like to open a forum for people to say that it's okay to embrace who we are as wonderful, beautiful and individual people. It's perfectly okay to feel all of those feelings we have inside of us. It's perfectly fine to reach out to our spiritual or wild side, to find solace in nature or see beauty in what other people may consider 'odd'.

Luminoire is about balance. It's about appreciation. Light and dark, life and death. It's about finding your passions and trusting yourself.

Est, 2013 - 2015. Reboot, summer 2020.

I'd like to personally extend a huge thank you to all of the wonderful customers, bloggers and small businesses who have kept Luminoire in their hearts, I hope to keep you proud!

Credits for promotional photography goes to @mooie.fee on IG!